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The Vision-App from SnuaiLab can be deployed on the product Autocare Edge to perform inference!

Inference is the process by which a model analyzes images to produce results. Through this, the Vision-App is capable of analyzing input videos such as those from IP cameras and local PC videos.

Autocare Edge is an all-in-one application(App) for end-to-end deployment. This application can connect to field camera, run inference, and drive continuous Data Collection to learning back to facilitate ongoing learning and improvement.

Recommended Specifications

Please follow the minimum specifications below.

CPU Spec GPU Spec
Using only CPU RAM: 12GB or higher -
Using GPU RAM: 8GB or higher NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 (8GB) or higher


The list of provided vision-apps is as follows:

App Name Event Download
PeopleApp People, Falldown, Mask, Helmet GPU, CPU
FireApp Fire GPU, CPU
VehicleApp Vehicle GPU, CPU


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