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This library enables users to easily utilize deep learning models. It provides specialized inspection features for battery cells, allowing segment analysis and inspection. Additionally, this SDK can be used for denoising, removing noise from images. As a result, users can achieve more accurate and efficient data processing and analysis.

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Image Restoration


  • The provided DLL matching list is as follows.
Dll File Name Task Configuration
Inspection.dll Inspection Release x64
Inspection_d.dll Inspection Debug x64
DllEngine.dll Super Resolution Release x64
DllEngine_d.dll Super Resolution Debug x64


  • The SDK has the following structure.

    │      {...}.dll
    │      ...
    │      {...}.h
    │      config.h
    │      api.h    
    │      ...
    │      {...}.lib
    • The descriptions for each folder are as follows
      • lib: Library files required for development.
      • dll: DLL files required for development.
      • include: Header files required for development.
      • Sample: Visual C++ Project Sample.


  • Inspection

    Image title

    Using image analysis and computer vision, electric car manufacturing can automatically detect part defects, manufacturing quality


  • Image Restoration

    Image title

    It can be used to enhance the quality of images or to correct errors


CPU Spec GPU Spec
Using only CPU RAM: 12GB or higher -
Using GPU RAM: 8GB or higher NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 (8GB) or higher


To run AutoCare SDK, a license is required. Please request the license via this link

Request a License